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weapons and ammunition

Guardian Service understands all aspects of security and control which are required when transporting Section 5 Weapons and Ammunition. Our methodology is based upon guidelines issued by the Home Office and the Defence Logistics Organisation.

We offer a unique, cost effective, secure solution for urgent consignments. As our reputation has grown our service has been utilised by Civilian Police Authorities, weapon manufacturers and test and evaluation centres.

Guardian Service provides all of or customers with the peace of mind that their consignment, once collected and in transit is in professional, secure and safe hands. Guardian Service in accordance with our policies ensures that ALL section 5 movements are collected and delivered in unliveried double manned vehicles. The driver and escorts hold the relevant security clearances for the movement of Section 5 weapons and Ammunition.

The vehicles are fitted with Satellite Tracking providing real time updates, thus ensuring that good communication, traceability and the security status of the vehicle and crew are monitored from the when we collect your consignment through to the delivery point.

Guardian Service methodology includes full transport plans, proof of delivery documentation and transit information which provides our customers with the level of security, confidence and trust that our reputation has been built on.

Delivering confidence and security when needed most.


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